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TIL: Japan Has a Marvel-Themed Anime, Complete With Their Own Guardians of The Galaxy

Fingers crossed for a Sailor Moon Crystal crossover.


The Guardians are making their debut in the Japanese Marvel Disk Wars television show, and they look… pretty much exactly how you’d expect them to look.

The show, which premiered in April, is basically Earth’s Mghtiest Hereoes meets Pokémon: the Avengers are trapped in “Digital Identity Securement Kits,” (or DISKS, get it) that a small group of ragtag kids can use to summon them, so they can defeat a team of Loki-led Marvel Universe enemies. Of course, there’s also a line of collectible tie-in toys that look kind of like pogs, but that’s all besides the point here. The point is, look at how much of an anime protagonist they’ve turned Peter Quill into. He’s perfect. That spiky hair! The length of his jacket! His aggressive yet charming eyebrows! Dude looks like he walked straight out of the background of a Trigun episode. 

The below trailer doesn’t allow us to see anime-Quill in action, but we do get a pretty rad look at Groot, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, and even Wasp. You guys. WASP is one of the core Avengers in this franchise. Check it:

(via io9)

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