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When Geeks Collide: A Love Story in Advertising

Great Moments in Advertising

Finding someone who won’t judge you for your obsessions in life is crucial to making relationships work. Finding someone who shares those obsessions and will freely geek out with you about them can be like the holy grail. In this commercial, entitled “The Green Lantern Girl,” a girl walks into a comic book store and immediately floors one of its residents with her eloquent comic-speak. It’s a testament to how few “geek girls” it can sometimes seem like there are in the world, even in times when we’re being represented more and more.

The revelation of what the commercial is actually advertising is part of the fun, so we won’t give away too much until you’ve watched it.

Are you done?

The commercial was created by David Nygaard Fine Jewelers, who are also responsible for a few other “Gotta Lock That Down” videos, none of which are quite as adorable as this one.

And yes, he should probably learn her first name before he decides to pop the question, but the sentiment is cute, and most of us know (or at least wish we knew) the feeling of being blind-sighted by someone’s articulate awesomeness.

And you’ve gotta admit, it’s better than 90% of jewellery commercials we’re usually subjected to.

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