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Learn Skills This Summer, From Graphic Design to Coding, That Will Allow You to Work From Home Full-Time

Being your own boss means setting your own hours, choosing your clients, doing what you love, and not having to put on a tie. Or a shirt. Or pants. You get it. Utilize any one of these bundles to gain the skills you need to work from home full-time.

Graphic Design Bootcamp: Want to kickstart a career as a freelance graphic designer? Check out the Graphic Design Bootcamp for $15 at the Mary Sue Shop. You’ll get lifetime access to 65 lectures and 8 hours of content that’ll help you get started as a graphic designer. It’s great for total beginners — you’ll learn how to use Illustrator and Photoshop, how to create logos, ads, eBooks, brochures, business cards, and more.

The Work-at-Home Super Bundle: This bundle of eBooks, audiobooks, online courses, and more will help you kickstart your new venture with advice on everything from marketing to finance. Time for you to fly solo, for just $39.99.

Copywriting Mastery Bundle: Launch a career as a writer with help from this four-course bundle. The bundle will take you through the basics of writing headlines, self-promotion, writing plot, and how to get clients. This bundle goes for just $24.

Master Google Sheets: You don’t need Excel to make spreadsheet magic. Learn how to use Google Spreadsheets to turn data in charts and graphs, write formulas that save you time, write scripts, and more. The class is just $18.

The Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle: If you’re thinking of a career as a programmer, this nine-course bundle will help you get there. Learn your way around Java, Google Go, Ruby on Rails, R, PHP, Javascript, Python, Git, and more for just $34.99.

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