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“Do You Know How Lucky You Are to Have Each Other?” Grace and Frankie Season 4 Trailer Is Out!

After Bojack Horseman and The Crown, Grace and Frankie is probably my favorite Netflix original show. Not only does it reunite two-thirds of 9 to 5, but it also is one of the few shows that really showcases older women in a smart, funny, and sexy way. It is probably also, the most feel-good show of the bunch, and I’m super excited to see where the series goes next season.

The trailer for season four dropped today, and as you can see from the trailer image, Lisa Kudrow (aka everyone’s favorite character on Friends) will be on the show, and that makes me hella excited. Some highlights from the trailer:

• Sal and Robert go to a marriage therapist who asks if they’ve ever considered an open marriage.

• Jacob is still around, which warms my heart.

• Grace and Frankie are “empowering young women” by selling vibrators on college campuses, which would have made me ecstatic if that had happened at my campus.

• Grace dealing with her limited mobility due to a bad knee (“I hate my fucking life!”) and the fact that she is dating a younger man and feels she can’t compete with younger women. If I look half as good as Jane Fonda in my 70s I’ll gladly wear crop tops until the day I die.

• Frankie’s excited about the birth of her first grandchild, and all my hopes of Brianna and Bud being a couple are forever dashed, but I guess platonic relationships are fine and whatever …

I’m just looking forward to seeing more of these women laughing and fighting and loving together when the entire series drops on January 19th!

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