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Hooked On A Feeling This New Footage From Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Latest TV Spot

I am Groot?

I only have one thing to say about the new snippets of dialogue we get in this latest TV spot for Guardians of the Galaxy — that weapon they’re arguing about at the end of better go off at some point. Or, conversely, it could be like the grenades in Serenity and be very necessary at a point where they don’t have it. I’m already picturing the jerky “I told you so” look Starlord will give Gamora over it, and it’s filling my heart with joy.

Speaking of Gamora! I have a hard time not accidentally typing “Gamera” instead every time I write about her, and that gave me a very stupid idea. So this happened. I regret nothing, except maybe my image editing skills.

The winner will face the queen of all stupid Kaiju/weird scifi name mashups, Mothra-Mon Mothma. My money’s on her, let’s be honest.

(via Uproxxx)

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