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Literal Nazi Running for GOP Congress Seat for Attention, and It’s Working

Arther Jones, formerly of the American Nazi Party (and various other awful things you can read about here and here), is now running unopposed to be the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in a district in Illinois. He’s not unopposed because he’s the person the Republican party wants, though. There’s just no way a GOP candidate is going to win that district, so they didn’t even try, and now Jones is getting exactly the attention he wants for his awful views.

As The Chicago Sun-Times reports, the Republican Party has taken legal steps to get Jones knocked off the ballot in previous elections, but he took extra steps this time to ensure that he couldn’t be removed. He took his petition to get on the ballot door-to-door, and The Atlantic reports that it seems people who signed it had no idea who or what they were actually supporting. Now, he’s been on CNN spreading his awful, Holocaust-denying, anti-Semitic garbage, and even though Alisyn Camerota soundly shut him down, the fact that it’s even become an argument in the first place is probably a win in his eyes—and in the eyes of those who might be swayed by him.

He hasn’t won the GOP nomination yet, but the Republican Party also hasn’t yet managed to stop him this time, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to. The district he’s running in leans so Democratic that he has no real chance of ever winning, especially the way things have been going for Republicans lately, but at this particular point in history, his candidacy itself looks especially bad, no matter the outcome. We don’t need any more of this kind of hate right now, and while it may already be too late, it would be great if the Republican Party could find a way to get him out of the running—if not for the benefit of their own party’s image, then for the good of society.

(via Mediaite, image: screengrab)

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