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Google Launches eBook Store

Last week, we mentioned that Google was set to launch its eBook store, named Google Editions, by the end of the year. A little sooner than expected, Google has launched the eBook store, named Google eBooks, with over three million eBooks available for the eReading pleasure of anyone who has a device that can access a web browser.

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What sets Google eBooks apart from competitors like Amazon and Barnes & Noble is Google’s eBooks take a universal approach to accessibility, with their eBooks being readable on nearly any device that contains a web browser, whereas, for instance, Amazon eBooks are generally best viewed with their own eBook device, the Kindle.

Google is also allowing independent booksellers to sell and advertise their own eBooks on Google’s service; a smart move on Google’s part, in that other booksellers would be receiving the benefit of being on a platform with a brand as recognizable as Google, and in turn, Google eBooks gets whatever portion of the independent booksellers’ customer base to purcahse eBooks through Google’s shop.

At the moment, users can read eBooks via Google’s Web Reader, as well as on iPhone, iPad and Android apps. The eBooks will sync across platforms as well, allowing a user, for example, to start reading an eBook on their computer at home, then pick up where they left off on their iPad.

Check out the service over at Google eBooks.

(Google eBooks via Mashable)

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