Kenan Thompson as Dexter Reed and Kel Mitchell as Ed in Good Burger

Paramount+ Serves Up First ‘Good Burger 2’ Trailer With a Side of Nostalgia

After 26 years, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are returning for a Good Burger sequel. Paramount+ has released the first official trailer for Good Burger 2, and it is an exciting blast from the past.

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Good Burger first premiered in 1997 and is based on the Good Burger sketch from the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That. The film follows Dexter Reed (Thompson) as he is forced to get a job at the fast food restaurant Good Burger, where he befriends eccentric co-worker Ed (Kel Mitchell). Together, the two get caught up in a cutthroat competition with the restaurant’s biggest fast-food rival, Mondo Burger. While Good Burger received mixed-to-negative reviews upon release, it has since gained the status of a cult classic, mainly due to the chemistry and comedic skills of its lead duo, as well as what the film means to ‘90s kids.

Despite its re-evaluation and cult following, and occasional teases of a sequel, Good Burger lay dormant for decades. However, the sequel finally became official in 2023, with Thompson and Mitchell signed on to return. After decades of waiting, Good Burger 2 is quickly becoming a reality. Here’s everything we know about the sequel so far.

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunite in Good Burger 2 trailer

Paramount+ dropped the official trailer for Good Burger 2 on October 30. The sequel will be available to stream exclusively on Paramount+ on November 22.

Good Burger 2‘s official trailer is a blast from the past as it sees Dex and Ed up to their old antics again. The pair are reunited when Dex finds himself needing a job and returns to work at Good Burger. However, the pair’s reunion is threatened as MegaCorps introduces robots to replace all the franchise’s workers.

Thompson and Mitchell jump back into their roles as if no time has passed. Their chemistry is still just as palpable as it was in the first film, and Mitchell is still as hilarious as ever as the quirky Ed. It seems to be a pretty straightforward film with a plot that parallels the original. Paying tribute to the original film and maintaining its simplicity and humor instead of trying to change the story and tone drastically isn’t a bad idea, and could actually appeal to the film’s cult following.

What to expect from Good Burger 2

Kenan Thompson as Dexter Reed and Kel Mitchell as Ed in Good Burger

Thompson and Mitchell aren’t the only Good Burger originals to return for the sequel. Josh Server is returning to reprise his role as Fizz, a drive-thru employee at Good Burger. This will be Server’s first film appearance since the original Good Burger in 1997. Fellow All That alum Lori Beth Denberg, who recently competed on Worst Cooks in America, has also signed on to reprise her role as Connie Muldoon, a customer who had an extremely complicated order the last time we saw her. Rounding out the returning cast members is Carmen Electra, reprising her role as Roxanne. In the original film, she worked for Kurt Bozwell (Jan Schweiterman), the owner of Good Burger’s competitor, Mondo Burger.

The sequel will also introduce several new faces. Brittany Runs a Marathon star Jillian Bell has signed on to portray Katt Boswell, the CEO of MegaCorp. It seems MegaCorp has replaced Mondo Burger as Good Burger’s enemy. Meanwhile, Lil Rel Howery, best known for starring in Get Out and The Carmichael Show, will appear alongside Bell as Cecil McNevin, a lawyer for Mega Corp. Ed will be a father in the sequel, with Moonlight star Alex R. Hibbert portraying his son, fittingly named Ed2. Rounding out the cast in undisclosed roles are Marsai Martin, Liza Koshy, Nicole Byer, Kai Cenat, and Mark Cuban.

Plotwise, Good Burger 2 will keep it simple. It will see Ed and Dex reunited and working at Good Burger again. However, instead of Mondo Burger threatening the franchise, the new enemy is MegaCorp, which has caused all Good Burger’s employees to be laid off and replaced with robots. As mentioned above, the plot structure definitely parallels the first film, with the pair working at Good Burger and getting into some shenanigans to save it from some evil corporate plot. It is nice to see a bit of modernization, though, with the robot aspect reflecting current concerns about AI eventually replacing workers.

On the surface, the plot seems to be a strong blend of nostalgia and newness, which could appeal to viewers depending on what they want from Good Burger 2.

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