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Nostalgia Chic: This Dress Is Made Out of Golden Books

Pretty Pretty Princess

Wow, talk about a trip down memory lane. This gown by designer Ryan Novelline is made entirely of the popular children’s books, Golden Books. The bodice is made from the famous golden bindings, the skirt from the colorful, illustrated pages. Novelline has photos of the process behind the gown on his site. More pics after the jump.

Novelline says that the surface area of the skirt is 22,000 square inches and that the whole dress has tape backing for reinforcement.

I have very vivid memories of having these books read to me as a little kid, especially my grandmother reading Raggedy Ann and the Cookie Snatcher. That book is still at her house, and I get to read it to my 4-year old cousin now. (My 4-year old cousin who likes to pretend her bubble wand is a lightsaber and she is Darth Vader.) So the combination of grown-up fashion and something so definitive of childhood was quite a nostalgia trip. If Novelline makes a Barbie dress out of this, I will be completely and totally verklempt.

(Ryan Novelline via Flavorwire)

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