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Go Daddy is No Longer on the U.S. Congressional List of SOPA Supporters

One probably could’ve easily seen the backlash that a domain registrar would’ve faced had they supported SOPA. It’d be similar to a game developer calling all of their customers dumb jerks, or an athlete going on national television and saying that he hates the city for which he plays, and the fans of the team he’s on. So, when Go Daddy came out in support of SOPA, the Internet was quick to react negatively, of course, something that Go Daddy, somehow, didn’t seem like they figured would happen. It’s been a short, though exciting roller coaster that shoots the riders out from zero to sixty in two seconds from gate, but now, Go Daddy is officially off the U.S. Congressional list of SOPA supporters.

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The thing is, will anyone care? The Internet has a notoriously short memory, but in certain cases, it never forgets. Considering Go Daddy is a popular domain registrar and SOPA is a hot-button topic that directly and negatively affects the Internet, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Internet’s short term memory remained intact regarding Go Daddy’s mind-boggling support of SOPA, and it’s sudden flipflop on the issue after the negative media attention.

Either way, whether they’ve removed themselves from the U.S. Congressional list of SOPA supporters because they suddenly feel SOPA is a bad thing, or if they’ve been removed from the list simply as a somewhat shady public relations attempt to restore their image, without actually being against SOPA, we’ll probably never know. At least they’re off the list.

You can check out the current list of SOPA supporters here.

(Go Daddy via Techmeme)

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