ByeDaddy Makes it Easy to Check Who is Still With GoDaddy

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After coming out and supporting SOPA, domain registrar GoDaddy caught a lot of flak. After catching said flak and “reversing” their stance, they are still catching a lot of flak. That being the case, there are all kinds of little apps popping up to help you increase the amounts of flak, one of which is, which makes it trivially easy to see who has a domain with GoDaddy. It’s worth nothing that the cleverer, more intuitive, but creepily-named domain, actually redirects to GoDaddy’s homepage. Looks like they saw that one coming.

Right now, the number one searched domain on ByeDaddy is, which makes me wonder if people are unaware of Jimmy Wales‘ announcement that Wikipedia will be leaving GoDaddy, or if people are just checking on the progress. In either case, it’s worth remembering that it is the holidays and not everyone is online switching domains and talking about SOPA; sometimes these kind of things take a little bit of time to get done. Still, it’s heartening to see that the anti-GoDaddy movement is still pushing on even after the PR-stunt GoDaddy SOPA-stance flip flop.  Maybe word of this will make it onto the floor of the SOPA hearings and actually change some minds? Probably not, but one can hope.

(via TechCrunch)

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