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“Glitched” Playing Cards Give Your IRL Gaming A Virtual Twist

Game night just got a lot glitchier.



Glitches in games are entirely common and often hilarious – but they simply can’t exist in real-world games, like Solitaire or Clue. Or at least they shouldn’t exist, unless you’re living in some creepy virtual reality – or, you’ve gotten a deck of these new Glitch cards off Kickstarter!

Swiss designer Soleil Zumbrunn has brought the glitch aesthetic to her new meticulously-designed deck of playing cards, which you can currently grab for $15 each. The whole idea behind glitch art is that it takes something typical and expected, and turns it into something surreal – something that makes us question the very idea of the object itself (like a broken GIF). Zumbrunn’s project applies that glitch ethos to a standard deck of playing cards.

The cards are individually designed, and will be professionally printed by the United States Playing Card Company (the same people who make the standard Bicycle Brand). So go ahead and glitch out your next poker night.

(via Soleil Zumbrunn du Midi)

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