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We Rank The Giver Nail Polish Colors, Which Are Real, From Least To Most Weird

Step 1: Nail Polish. Step 2: ???? Step 3: Profit.

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Yes, you read that correctly: there is a nail polish line based on the YA dystopia novel and upcoming movie, The Giver. In all my years of applying lacquer to my fingers, this is officially the weirdest nail polish tie-in I have ever seen in—and OPI had a Shrek themed one once.

This line was produced by nail polish manufacturer China Glaze, who also brought us The Hunger Games “Colors from the Capitol” collection back in 2012. While polish fit on a metatextual level into the exorbitant and fashion-centric culture of Panem’s capitol (and for the record, all of those district-inspired hues were… well, inspired), I cannot for the life of me figure out how to justify brightly colored nail paint in a world where people are literally incapable of seeing color. Clear polishes and finely shaped fingernails for head Elder Meryl Streep, sure, but for the rest of the community? Aren’t they too busy lacking basic human emotions to sit still for a manicure?

If you are so inclined, the polishes are available for $7.50 each on Ulta. Honestly, I would not blame you for picking up a few, as ridiculous they may be. Some of the colors are really gorgeous. Not “deeply formative and traumatic” gorgeous like the book was, mind you, but we can’t all be Newberry Award winners.

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