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Girl Who Told off “Donald Trump” Is Everyone’s New Hero

The President Show’s resident Donald Trump, Anthony Atamanuik, was probably pretty thrilled that his Trump impersonation fooled a child into telling him off in spectacular fashion. That’s great enough on its own, but fooling other people on the Internet likely came as an unanticipated surprise—and maybe a bit of a disappointment when everyone else found out. (Although I’ve certainly seen more people making the correction than the mistake.)

Over the weekend, the above tweet began circulating, in which a child, apparently fooled by Atamanuik’s Trump stylings—or possibly disappointed by them—told him that he’s a disgrace to the world. Anyone who’s paying attention at all to what’s happening in the world right now knows that’s going to play very well with a lot of people, and the video spread across social media at an incredible pace—to the point that Gizmodo thought it helpful to make sure everyone knew it wasn’t the real TV president but a fake one.

That spurred Atamanuik to clarify that the girl was not an actor, and the brilliance of the scene all belongs to her and her apparent distaste for the actual Donald Trump. Whether or not the real Trump was present, the girl’s unscripted reaction to him was one of the realest things we’ve seen on TV lately, making it an instant classic. Her bravery will live on well past pedantic quibbles over the exact nature of the situation, and we look forward to voting for this unabashed arbiter of truth in 2052.

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