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Pioneering Girl Scout Breaks Own Record By Selling Outside a Marijuana Clinic Again

I went to look for a top pic and then this happened so now it's the top pic.

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Enterprising Girl Scout Danielle Lei is at it again, doing a brisk trade outside of San Francisco’s The Green Cross, one of the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

Lei made headlines last year by setting up shop just outside the Green Cross and selling 117 boxes in two hours, which is pretty impressive, but still 37 less than she’d sold the day earlier outside a Safeway. Her tactics were met with some disapproval from, say the Girl Scouts of Colorado, but since Colorado ain’t the boss of Californian scouts, I imagine that she giggled sweetly but sinisterly all the way to the using the cookie profits to benefit her troop’s educational activities and the community around them.

With all the publicity gained last year, it’s no surprise that Lei (who, of course, does not go on her cookie rounds without parental supervision and support) would return to The Green Gross and do even better than before. The final tally: 208 boxes in two hours, raked in this weekend.

“I would not have sold that many in four days if I did not sell in front of your store,” Lei wrote in a message to the store. She only has 440 more boxes to sell to reach her goal of one thousand. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Lei’s mother, Carol, likes to take her girls to different neighborhoods every year, so that she can experience different city subcultures. 

Well, if Lei has any trouble getting to that 1000 sale point, it’ll only be because the East Coast bound editors of The Mary Sue couldn’t make it out to fill our own cookie eating quotas.

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