Gina Carano Is Getting Her Own Comic Book Movie

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Personally speaking I don’t give a flip about Avengelyne, the character it’s been announced Gina Carano will play in an upcoming film. But two hours of Carano kicking butt? Sign me up.

Avengelyne-the-character, a fallen angel who followed her banishment from Heaven with a stint whupping demons’ asses on Earth, was created in 1995 by Rob Liefeld, who along with Carano is “reonceiving and rebuilding” the character’s story into something the MMA-fighter-turned-actress can star in. According to The Hollywood Reporter the film “is intended to be in the vein of Underworld.”

Oh my god, that sounds awful. Awfully great. Every once in a while I need some schlocky, violent fun with limited artistic merit but excessive entertainment value, and Avengelyne looks like it just might fit the bill.

Is Carano a good actress? Not technically speaking, no. She’s an action star, dammit. I don’t think anyone who saw Haywire or Fast and Furious 6 would praise her for her thespian abilities. But I love her, and I especially love seeing her seeing her beat people up. It’s a The Rock-type situation.

The search for a writer and a director for Avengelyne should begin soon. Please, cinema gods, let this movie happen. Don’t deprive the world of two of hours fallen angel!Gina Carano hitting things.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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