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We Have Our Official Title For The Gilmore Girls Revival

Along with some other info confirmed by Lorelei herself, Lauren Graham.


We here at TMS have landed on the side of definite excitement for the Gilmore Girls revival that will be airing on Netflix–and while the production hasn’t been shy about revealing details from the show (like photos from filming, or that we’ll be seeing several returning cast members like Liza Weil, Jared Padalecki, Melissa McCarthy and Milo Ventimiglia), there’d been a lot of speculation on what the actual title of the series would be.

Now there’s official confirmation from Lorelei-The-Older Gilmore herself, Lauren Graham–in a tweet posted to her account, Graham confirmed the show’s name as well as the fact that each of the series’ four 90-minute episodes will be set in a different season, a reveal that Netflix doubled down on when they shared the first new key art for the series:

Per Graham’s tweet, it sounds like there’s going to be an official discussion about the show on The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s Monday episode–not the first Gilmore-related news Ellen has been the one to break, as she also got an exclusive confirmation from Melissa McCarthy that the actress would be coming back as Sookie St. James.

It wouldn’t surprise me if even more is revealed tomorrow (Ellen does like her surprises, after all!), but there’s been a ton of good news coming out of this revival–so even this is enough to ramp up my optimism about how this will do. Since a release date hasn’t been announced yet, that’ll give me enough time to go back and do an ample rewatch–one that would make the Gilmore women proud.

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