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Ghostbusters Wraps With Pics That Both Banish and Summon Ghosts

We'll miss you, Egon.

Yesterday I wrote about how Ernie Hudson was spotted on the set of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters and how I felt a little conflicted about it and conflicted about the fact that I felt that way. Now we have official pics from the final day of shooting, including a shot of him with the leading ladies and I, admittedly, can’t help but feel (proton) packed with excitement.

Chalk it up to nostalgia mixed with curiosity about the girl-powered future of this franchise, but it’s great to see everyone happy and in costume (I’m assuming that’s a costume Hudson is wearing, but it could be his own clothes), with any bridges burned by Hudson’s previous comments about the new film seemingly rebuilt. It should also be noted that Paul Feig made a point to tweet about Hudson’s involvement in the film, praising him as “a class act.”‘

Saturday was wrap day for Feig’s Ghostbusters film, which is exciting in that it means we are one step closer to seeing the finished product featuring the amazing Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. If thinking about that doesn’t get pumped, in addition to his comments about Hudson, Feig shared a really sweet last personal photo from the set, which paid subtle tribute to the only original Ghostbuster who won’t be able to be in the new film.

We’ll miss you, Egon, as will your partners in bustin’ ghosts new and old.

(images via Ernie Hudson via Splash News, Paul Feig)

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