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Get These Edgy Kitchen Knife Sets for 58% Off

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You know you’re really an adult when you stop cutting your steak and tomatoes with plastic butter knives and get yourself a real knife set. We’ve got plenty to get you started, whether you’re buying your first or upgrading.

Black Diamond Knife Block & 4-Piece Precision Professional Knife Set: Flexible and sharp, black diamond makes for great knives. This great set includes an angular knife block, an extra-large chef knife, a bread knife, a knife for billeting and boning fish, and a slicing knife great for salmon and cured meats. Get it for $135.


Small Magnetic Knife Rack & 4-Piece Arondight Knife Set: Save space with a magnetic knife rack. The four knives in this set fit perfectly and chop up a great meal—you’ll get a large and small chef knife, a bread knife, and a paring knife. Get it for $120.


Black Diamond Knife Block & 5-Piece Blue Primal Ceramic Knife Set: This set of five knives and angular knife block don’t just look awesome—they work great too, crafted from ceramic (which is second only to diamond when it comes to hardness). Get it for $150.


Teak Star Slim 9.8″ 005TS Cutting Board & 4-Piece Arondight Knife Set: You don’t need a lot of counter space to prep meals like a pro. This slim cutting board and knife set are ready for any meal, whether you’re chopping veggies or carving a roast. Get it for $110.


Damasukasu 3-Piece Japanese AKUMA Master Chef Blade Set with Whetstone: Get laser precision from this set that includes a vegetable knife, and slicing knife, a utility knife, and whetstone to keep them all sharp. Get it for $69.99.

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