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Get the Top-Rated Dog DNA Test for Just $175

A dog wearing goggles hangs its head out of a car window.

Ever wonder what breed or breeds your dog is? Or what genetic conditions your dog might be more likely to have? There are DNA tests for dogs just like there are for humans—and we’ve got the best one on the market for just $174.99 at the Mary Sue Shop.

The Embark DNA kit is the only dog DNA kit to look at 200,000 genetic markers that help you get to know your dog better. A research partner of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Embark will test for over 250 breeds, help you build your dog’s family tree, and even connect you to your pup’s relatives. Embark’s industry-leading scientists spent years developing their DNA genotyping platform at Cornell, so your results are coming from world-renowned canine geneticists. Canine Journal calls Embark “The best DNA test for dogs … one of a kind and backed by sound science.”

Get your Embark DNA Test Kit on sale—it’s just $174.99 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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