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George Santos’ Wildest Fake Claim May Be That He Was a ‘Spider-Man’ Musical Producer

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Come on, you had to know that this was coming from me. I am someone who has seen the illusive Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and I reference it frequently. So when George Santos decided to claim he was a producer on the musical, I had to ask just one question: Why? I mean, if you know anything at all you know that it was a disaster of a show. So why would you want to lie about this?!

Santos is now known for just lying. Over and over again, lying. I don’t know a single thing about this man outside of the fact that he’s a liar. So that’s all we really know about him in general. And so the lying part of this story is not what is surprising. It’s just that he chose the biggest flop to lie about. Why not say you were a producer on something successful.

Santos lied and producer Michael Cohl┬ásaid that Santos had nothing to do with the show and just … god, why would you lie about this? Of all things, this is just absolutely hilarious to me. If I was going to lie about Turn Off the Dark, I’d say I was one of the swinging Spider-Mans that weaved around the show and swung through the audience so the main actor didn’t have to. Not that I was a producer who lost a bunch of money because again, it was a flop.

A freak like me needs company…

There are many things in this world that people lie about. They lie about what time they went to bed or whether or not they wanted to do something but most regular people out and about don’t lie about stuff you could cross reference easily. Like someone who is a producer on a famous Broadway show. To be clear, there were books written about the production of this musical. So if Santos was involved, someone would have known.

The root of the problem with Santos continues to be the same: Why lie?! He just can’t seem to stop and can’t seem to stop getting called out for doing so. But then, I guess I get it. If I saw the show or even the infamous performance from The Late Show with David Letterman, I would also try and say that I was a part of it. Just for the lawls.

So George, what is it about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark that you like so much? Please, I am begging to actually know.

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