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George Lopez Loves Drags Just Like the Rest of Us

Watch out Kirk Cameron, George Lopez is your enemy now.

George Lopez puts his hands over his heart and smiles.

George Lopez has come a long way in his views, publicly. Last week the comedian and iconic sitcom dad stated loud and proud on The View that if “you’re an enemy of drag, you’re an enemy of mine.” You can watch the clip here:

Hell yes! Personally, I don’t understand why anyone is against drag other than they hate fun? Just let people dress up and have a good time, it hurts no one. Obviously, the narrow-mindedly conservative among us disagree, but when has anyone ever cared what they think? They’re the ones screaming that drag harms the children while also refusing to do anything about gun control, which literally harms the children, so again, I’ll reiterate, who cares about them?

If you watched the clip it may seem like this was a spontaneous show of support for drag, which to be fair, is something I’m prone to do too. But it was actually in support of a previous segment from earlier in the show. Per Entertainment Weekly:

Lopez’s words came after an earlier segment on The View that saw Navarro and cohost Sara Haines showing support for drag artists after Joy Behar (filling in for regular moderator Whoopi Goldberg) asked the panel to discuss embattled conservative congressman George Santos’ alleged past as a drag queen in Brazil named Kitara Ravache (a claim Santos, the first openly gay Republican to win a House seat, has denied).

“Listen, I’m sorry, but this has had me cackling to no end. I love drag queens, I’m a drag hag, we were at a drag show this last weekend, I’m constantly defending drag queens. This has nothing to do with drag queens, this has to do with hypocrisy,” Navarro said at the top of the show, referencing a barrage of allegations of dishonesty against Santos that have surfaced in recent weeks. “This guy, when he was running, went on Facebook and expressed support for the Florida law, the one we refer to as ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ he’s aligned himself with a party that has turned drag queens into a cultural wedge issue — a manufactured cultural wedge issue — so, it’s endless lies.”

First off, I love how all roads lead back to George Santos because everyone is fascinated by this grifter. Secondly, notice how the only people against drag are just the worst? People I refuse to google lest I get cookied for those unhinged shirts that are all about how your husband has a knife collection and likes to beat up random people and is also an Aries? The Kirk Camerons of the world. Meanwhile, George Lopez is so quick to throw his hat in the ring for the right side of history that he will bring up how great drag is when it’s not even the topic he was on TV to discuss!

I like George Lopez, and I’m glad to see he’s softening as he gets older. I’m not a huge fan of bringing up past mistakes, but it wasn’t that long ago he was yelling at a woman for calling him out for a racist joke during his set, and now he’s publically saying he loves drag apropos of nothing. I think that’s neat! It’s nice to see sitcom dads live up to the impossible standards we built for them in our heads.

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