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Geocities-izer: Because the Internet Needs More MIDIs and Comic Sans

The Internet has made remarkable technical and social progress since the mid-’90s, but it’s hard not to feel like it’s fallen back in a few ways: Most notably, animated GIFs, ticker tape-like scrolling text, and MIDI songs with no off button that start playing as soon as you enter a page. Fortunately, the folks at Wonder-Tonic have created a remedy for the setbacks of the modern world: Geocities-izer, a converter that lets you give just about any website an impressive, Geocities-like sheen.

Here’s the New York Timessite, Geocitiesized:


And, of course, Geekosystem:

Geocities-izer doesn’t work on every page — it didn’t do much for us on Techmeme, for example — but if you’ve got a standard blog, you should be good to go. Click through links on pages for the full Geocities-ized experience.

(Geocities-izer via Metafilter)

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