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TERF Suffers Consequences of Her Bigoted Wish After Having to Share a Bathroom With a Trans Masculine Coworker

Oh no is it the consequences of your own actions?

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**Content warning: transphobia**

In today’s installment of well-what-did-you-expect (!?) news, a woman’s online freakout about sharing a restroom with her trans masculine coworker is catching some major attention online for being a prime example of f***ing around and finding out, TERF edition.

The anonymous bigot’s comments were posted on a private “gender-critical” Facebook group and shared by YouTuber Caelan Conrad, who posted a screenshot to their Twitter with the caption, “Gender Critical woman crying and throwing up because the direct results of her ideology are manifesting around her.”

In the rant, the transphobic woman describes how a “TIF” or trans-identified female (I had to go to a page called “A Glossary of Transphobia” to look up that acronym) came into the women’s bathroom at her work. “I asked them to please leave, and they said that they were born with two X chromosomes,” the rant said. “They said they were instructed to use the ladies restroom because they were born a woman but transitioned later in life or something.” And look at this transphobe effortlessly using non-gender-specific pronouns by accident!

She went on to describe how the trans person appeared “so weird,” “super masculine,” and “had a beard and everything.” Of course, she “talked to upper management,” who said this person (whom the TERF of course misgendered in the process of her rant) has to use the bathroom because of the gender on their birth certificate. Twice she says she doesn’t know what to do because she’s so uncomfortable having to share a bathroom with someone who looks like a man. 

And now, the rest of us who are able to think ahead more than one step in life—and also don’t dedicate our lives to policing other people’s bodies—are asking … what did you think was going to happen when you lobbied and fought for trans people to be forced out of the bathrooms of their identified gender?!

Trans people ahve to deal with harassment, bullying, and potential violence from cis people trying to ban them from using the restrooms that correspond with their gender. But cis bigots also cannot handle it when their prejudiced, oppressively normative wishes come true! It’s extremely clear they don’t actually care about bathrooms, they want to eradicate trans people from public life in general.

In the replies to their thread, Conrad explains how they accessed this woman’s comment in a gender-critical Facebook group because in 2022, after eight months of “monitoring” private gender-critical online groups, they produced a series of YouTube documentaries on their belief that these hate groups constitute a cult.

As of June 2023, 11 states have laws restricting the way transgender people can use the bathroom. More anti-trans bathroom bills are expected to crop up around the country.

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