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14 Geeky Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Cards

So, after the overwhelming media hogwash, you’ve still forgotten that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day?  Or maybe you really meant to go out and get that nice thing, but it just slipped your mind (as always, the Penny Arcade sentiment is timeless).  Have no fear, Geekosystem is here.

Below the cut you will find a sampling of the best printable geeky Valentine cards on the Internet, awaiting your printing pleasure.

You’re welcome

We start out with a tried and true source that’s been around for a while.  Four years ago, the hallowed establishment of the Something Awful Forums had a Photoshop Phriday calling for Star Wars valentines.

The rest is history.  All forty can be found in here, at Something Awful, from whence you can zoom in and print them.  In the same vein , we offer James Stowe‘s drawn Star Wars valentines (six in his post, two reproduced below), for the 3rd-grader-with-a-crush inside all of us.

Worry not, if Star Wars doesn’t exactly fit the theme you were going for.  There’s more.

For the Dungeons&Dragons fan, there’s this lovely pink number, courtesy of Click for the interior.

DomesticScientist also has a printable Lego themed valentine for your perusal.

Of course, we’ve saved the best for last.  History geeks, if you’re not already aware of Kate Beaton, allow us to introduce you to her webcomic Hark! A Vagrant by way of her 2009 Valentines post, featuring Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau

Marie Curie

and lots of Oscar Wilde.

Entire post (with one more Wilde comic) here.

And in conclusion, we would like to offer our favorite discovery made while scouring the Internet for geeky, printer-friendly valentines.  Gravitas+Parody=Comedy, and so we give you:

Watchmen Valentines (click for a bonus Dr. Manhattan valentine), from Play us off, Rorschach!

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