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Geekosystem Commenting Just Got Easier

This past weekend, Geekosystem’s star tech Scott Smitelli — who readers of this site may know as the man who wrote an epic 3,000 word review of the KFC Double Down, Auto-Tuned a vuvuzela, and analyzed Roger Klotz’s cackles on Doug, all in the name of science — did something that we’ve wanted to do for a long while: Made Geekosystem comments a lot simpler.

Previously, our comment system was tied to WordPress, the CMS on which the site is built; while this had its advantages, it meant that readers who wanted to comment had to create accounts and log in. Now, we’ve switched over to DISQUS comments, which allow readers to comment using a number of third-party platforms and to comment as guests without creating site accounts; we hope that this will lead to more and better discussions on the site and bring in people who didn’t comment before because they didn’t feel like dealing with WordPress’ somewhat kludgy comment system.

Want to comment on our new comments? Comment in the comments below.

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