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Geekolinks: 9/17

Office Supplies

  1. Man fights grizzly bear in a tent and lives to tell about it (Guy Code Blog)
  2. Miley Cyrus FCC complaints are hilarious (The Jane Dough)
  3. Win an iPad and $1,000 from GeekSugar in their Emmy Ballot contest (GeekSugar)
  4. “Wrecking Ball” video gets a Tom Brady version. (He is a footballman) (SportsGrid)
  5. A Chinese hospital wants the blood of 100 virgins. You know… for cancer? (HuffPo Weird)
  6. 25 Productivity tips from history’s greatest thinkers (Mental Floss)
  7. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the new Avatar villain? (Topless Robot)

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