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Geekolinks: 8/29


  1. Pat Robertson thinks gay people wear special rings to try and give everyone AIDS. No, really. (Mediaite)
  2. The Brain Scoop brings you everything you need to know about the Olinguito, our newest mammal. (The Mary Sue)
  3. The OED isn’t forever — here are 16 words that made it, only to become obsolete. Looking at you, ‘twerk.’ (Oddity Central)
  4. Five video games that end in “WTF?!” moments. (Cracked)
  5. Fired Paraguayan bus drivers are protesting working conditions by crucifying themselves. (BBC)
  6. One Oklahoma town’s water supply is infested with blood worms. (CNN)
  7. Here’s the girl from The Ring throwing out a first pitch. Watch at your own risk. (SportsGrid)

(Title pic via Daily Picks and Flicks)

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