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Geekolinks 8/17

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  1. Apparently we’ve all been reading it wrong and Batman killed the Joker in The Killing Joke. (Comics Beat)
  2. Here are 32 different excuses that John Oliver’s made for Jon Stewart’s absence from The Daily Show (Uproxxx)
  3. Dante Basco will never escape the legacy of Rufio. (The Mary Sue)
  4. You know what’s a great way to score better tips? Pretend you’re the Doctor (Neatorama)
  5. Here’s a life-sized bust of Skeletor. You’re welcome. (Top Robot)
  6. Ruth Vader Ginsburg, and other badass ladypuns (The Jane Dough)
  7. Oh, Canada… you’re supposed to put mints on the hotel pillows, not pythons! (PhysOrg)

(Title pic via Reddit)

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