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Geekolinks 6/12

Correct Chemical Free Weed Killer Recipe

  1. Okay, never mind, that was Link in the Zelda footage (MMGN)
  2. Why Ubisoft’s recent claims about lack of female PCs are kinda… well, BS (The Mary Sue)
  3. Dave Chappelle doesn’t owe us an explanation as to why he quit (Flavorwire)
  4. This Mount Rushmore tribute is made entirely from meat (HuffPo Weird)
  5. 27 things you probably don’t know about George R.R. Martin (GeekSugar)
  6. It doesn’t actually look like the number of mass shootings has risen (Mediaite)
  7. Why even are pants, guys? (Mental Floss)

(Title Pic via via our own Glen Tickle)

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