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Geekolinks 6/8


  1. This is what car GPS looked like in 1995 (Mental Floss)
  2. Please yes we would like this custom Predator LEGO mini-fig (Neatorama)
  3. Did you know that Hayao Miyazaki directed a music video? (The Mary Sue)
  4. Weird gift ideas for your weird dad for Father’s Day next weekend (HuffPo Weird)
  5. Trying to get your cellphone out of a toilet can be… deadly? (Mediaite)
  6. This is Sir Mix-A-Lot performing “Baby Got Back” with a symphony orchestra (UPROXX)
  7. You can take a 100% real Dothraki language course (The Mary Sue)

(Title Pic via Spartobbit117 on Reddit)

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