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Geekolinks: 6/17

As regular Geekosystem readers know, we’ve been running daily Geekolinks on the site’s sidebar since the day Geekosystem launched; however, much like dust in the wind or 4chan threads more than 3 months old, they haven’t been easily accessible in archival form, and they haven’t shown up in our RSS feed at all. Until now.

Today’s best links from around the Internet:

WordPress 3 is here (WordPress)

How to Make the Internet Explode (

Best/worst newspaper correction (The Sun)

What it’s like to own an Apple product (Oatmeal)

Demonic Quetzalcoatlus skeleton (Tetrapod Zoology)

Strange Betty Boop t-shirt (Super Punch)

iPhone 4 going CDMA in Q4? (DigiTimes)

Sewer-diving in Mexico City (BLDG)

(title image via Shawn Smith)

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