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Geekolinks 4/16


  1. 10 words and phrases that are at least 100 years old (Mental Floss)
  2. These 6 cartoon characters want to know why you’ve stopped fantasizing about them (The Maude)
  3. Let’s talk Game of Thrones death investigations (spoiler alert!) (Flavorwire)
  4. Check out the 2014 Eisner Award nominations list (The Mary Sue)
  5. A high school in Kyrgyzstan was closed due to an “onslaught of snakes” (HuffPo Weird)
  6. Is Captain America’s shield a capacitor? (Wired News)
  7. Don’t know where your local comic book store is? With this tool, now you do (Comic Book Resources)

(Title Pic via anastasiabeaverhousen on Reddit)

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