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Geekolinks 4/4


  1. You can go back to your lives; the chupacabra has been caught (HuffPo Weird)
  2. No, you’re on the right channel. Community‘s G.I. Joe opening is just that awesome (UPROXX)
  3. Kristen Bell singing Frozen’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” as all Anna’s voices live is impressive (The Mary Sue)
  4. Here’s everything you never knew you wanted to know about Pac Man (Laughing Squid)
  5. Help us bring back this 14 abstract nouns by using them today (Mental Floss)
  6. Find your perfect decor with these 18 “kids'” beds you won’t care are for kids (Neatorama)
  7. Comedians expressed their own feelings on Letterman’s retirement on Twitter (Mediaite)

(Title Pic via Celebritee on Reddit)

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