Geekolinks 4/28


      1. Whoops. There’s a new vulnerability in Internet Explorer if anyone still uses that (Gizmodo)
      2. Marvel’s adding a new character that was bitten by Peter Parker’s spider, too (Newsarama)
      3. Of all the mistakes in the How I Met Your Mother series finale, cutting this scene was certainly one (UPROXX)
      4. Here are 18 preserved prison tattoos… that still have skin attached (HuffPo Weird)
      5. Time-lapse video of a bridge moving over by 55 feet is really impressive (Neatorama)
      6. The Duck Tales theme song slow jam is your new favorite slow jam (The Mary Sue)
      7. McDonald’s will be getting Pokémon Happy Meal toys soon (Kotaku)

(Title Pic via WebberO on Reddit)

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