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Geekolinks 4/1

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  1. Flux capacitor car chargers, laser neckties, and other April Fools products that we wish were real. (Gizmodo)
  2. A playground in New Zealand has eliminated all safety rules, chaos reigns. (Boing Boing)
  3. The definitive guide to pairing bourbon with Girl Scout cookies. (Jezebel)
  4. Here’s a bunch of cats dancing badly at a dinner party. (WTF Japan Seriously)
  5. Loki is Elsa in this Frozen parody. Naturally. (The Mary Sue)
  6. What does your lunch say about the likelihood of your dying alone? (The Maude)
  7. A horde of clowns descended on a town in Maine, because that is in no way a Stephen King story. (HuffPo Weird)

(Title Pic via @SirPatStew on Twitter)

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