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Geekolinks 12/28

Geekolinks Cage Bioshock

  1. Here’s 10 of history’s most power-hungry cats, because cats (Mental Floss)
  2. The best local news bloopers of the year bring us joy (The Jane Dough)
  3. This Lara Croft fan film is so incredibly bad-ass (The Mary Sue)
  4. So apparently drunk online shopping is a thing now (Styleite)
  5. Another awesome spacewalk selfie! (HyperVocal)
  6. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS adds Zelda! (The Mary Sue)
  7. The most amazing dog stories of 2013, because dogs (HuffPo Weird)

(Title pic via ddsdfunnelcake on DeviantArt)

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