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Geekolinks: 11/7


  1. Not-White-Men still grossly underrepresented in American cinema (FlavorWire)
  2. SHIELD is getting an LGBTQ character right from the comics (The Mary Sue)
  3. Silly tech accessories that are actually pretty useful (GeekSugar)
  4. 56 bits of Victorian slang Mental Floss thinks you should be using (Mental Floss)
  5. The Rock will star in Seal Team 666 which is a real movie being made (UPROXX)
  6. Joe Biden called Marty Walsh, but not the right Marty Walsh because he’s Joe Biden (HyperVocal)
  7. A week into Movember/No Shave November, so here’s how to trim a mustache (The Art of Manliness)

(Title pic via ItUsedToBeMeatloaf on Reddit)

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