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Geek on the Street Episode Two “Invention Trivia” Is Here!

Can you spot the contestant who really didn't want to talk to us?

How much do the people of Austin know about invention? We found out by taking to the streets, asking them some trivia questions, and having them name some silly inventions we came up with in the second episode of our Geek on the Street webseries. It’s the greatest thing since Otto Frederick Rohwedder!

And, if you missed our first episode “Two Apps and a Lie,” you can watch it here. We listed three apps for people; two are real, and one is something we made up that we wish was real. Can you spot the lie before our contestants?

While we were filming in Austin, we also met up with Our Friend Bill Nye and had him answer some reader questions after we faced off in the first-ever Competitive Bow Tie Race.

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