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This Great British Bake Off Trailer Is a Very Bad Bake

Please make it stop.

After yesterday’s rant against creepy dolls, maybe you’re all tired of me recounting the sources of my nightmares. But you know what? So long as marketing teams keep finding new ways to make our skin crawl, I’m going to keep railing.

Up top, you’ll find the new trailer for The Great British Bake Off’s upcoming season. Many fans of the show are skeptical about how this season might look after it was announced that the show would be moving from the BBC to Channel 4, and everyone you love (Mel, Sue, and Mary) jumped ship, leaving just Paul Hollywood to collect that paycheck. (It was later announced that he’ll be joined by Prue Leith, Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding.)

But suddenly nothing about the show itself actually matters. Nothing at all matters. Everything is terrifying and if you need us, we’ll be over in the corner, cowering in fear over and never eating pastries again. Not after watching this trailer, which shows anthropomorphized baked goods, singing, rising, and vomiting. Yes, vomiting.

Fans of the sweet, conflict-free baking competition show are suddenly finding themselves VERY CONFLICTED. Luckily, the show also provides the perfect reaction material for this horrifying yet surreally adorable nightmare fuel.

Many fans are also calling out the choice of song–”We All Stand Together”–given that whole moving-to-a-for-profit-channel-and-losing-three-quarters-of-your-cast thing. Well, at least we’ll still have Mary Berry over at the BBC to give us all our good bake tent feelings.

(via Twitter, image: YouTube)

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