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Gangsta Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum is a set of Latinate dummy text widely used by the printing, typesetting and web design industry, having Latin roots coming from Cicero’s de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum. Now, as if a big, awesome middle finger to fancy Roman philosophers, the Lorem Ipsum has been modernized, with a handy button to generate your own Loremizzle Ippzle.

If I may classily read an excerpt:

Lorizzle ipsum dolor fo mah nizzle, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nullizzle sapizzle velizzle, fo shizzle volutpat, suscipizzle black, gravida vizzle, break yo neck, yall. Pellentesque you son of a bizzle tortor. Sed erizzle. Away things dang dapibus crunk tempus go to hizzle. Maurizzle pellentesque nibh izzle turpis. Dope izzle tortizzle. Yo eleifend shizznit mah nizzle. In my shizz dawg its fo rizzle fo. Gangster dapibus. Curabitur tellus shizzlin dizzle, pretium eu, mattis ac, for sure own yo’, nunc. Shiz suscipizzle. Integizzle sempizzle we gonna chung sizzle purizzle.

(Gangsta Lorem Ipsum via; thizzanks Ray)

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