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GameStation Owns the Immortal Souls of Its Customers

In case you’re referencing every Terms and Conditions contract and EULA you’ve ever clicked “Accept” to over the years — because you obviously keep those things on file, right? — just know that UK video game vendor GameStation meant this as an April Fool’s practical joke. A joke that nevertheless affected 88% of their customers. As such, the souls of those 7,500 customers who never opted out of the “Immortal Soul clause” are safe, and bit-tech reports that the vendor is contacting customers with notices of nullification.

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Those who did opt out got a nice £5 gift voucher. Making you wonder how much it’s worth to keep your soul…

GameStation reportedly meant the joke as a lesson to those who never read those overlong legal documents up to the fine print, faithfully clicking ahead into the products and services they want to use. Well played, and it yet again proves it pays (often literally) to do some reading before you sign a contract because it’s a little scary to think that 88% of us might fall for something a little less innocuous. So save yourself the trouble. Solutions also include having your lawyer and/or clergyman on hand to help you through the process.

(Via Slashdot. Title image via Sinfest)

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