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Time-Lapse of a Game Being Programmed from Start to Finish

Ludum Dare is a somewhat insane and masochistic competition in which programmers are challenged to create a fully fleshed out game from start to finish in 48 hours, 100% solo.

Markus Persson filmed his process from start to finish and made a time-lapse video out of it; as one YouTube commenter notes, it looks like he takes longer to eat meals than he does to sleep.

You can play his finished game, Metagun, right here: IndieGames’ blog has more info about the gameplay of the side-scrolling shooter, which has a unique twist on the “Enemies As Weapons” theme of this year’s Ludum Dare: “in this game your bazooka fires small men who then start trying to kill you.”

(Reddit via Gawker TV)

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