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Woah, WTF: Game of Thrones Set Pictures Reveal Major Changes From the Books In Season Five


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So far we’ve seen some good (Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell) and some bad (Sand Snakes with nipple armor) from Game of Thrones season five set pics. Now it’s time for some “…the hell?” Warning, front and center. This post discusses major plot points for season five of Game of Thrones and A Dance with Dragons. Abandon spoilerphobia, all ye who enter here.

Here’s what’s going down in A Dance with Dragons for Daenerys and Tyrion Lannister: Dany, having found that keeping Meereen isn’t as easy as capturing Meereen, has to marry sleazy yet oddly appealing (in the show, anyway) one-percenter Hizdahr zo Loraq so that she can hang onto even the barest shred of loyalty from the Meereeneese nobility. The post-wedding celebrations take place at what a gladitorial arena. Meanwhile, Tyrion’s met up with Jorah Mormont, and both of them have joined the sellsword company The Second Sons with the aim of eventually meeting and joining forces with Dany. As of the end of A Dance with Dragons, their paths have not yet converged.

So let’s discuss this pic where Tyrion and Dany are chilling at the latter’s wedding:

Look at this other pic of Jorah participating in the games as a competitor, get your keysmashing out, and then let’s try and sort through this. Pretty much all of ADwD is Tyrion and Jorah’s Adventures In Being Drunk Sad Sacks–so is the show skipping a good chunk of that? I’d say not necessarily, because the post-wedding scene has some dragon-shaped stuff that makes it deal for a finale or near-finale. There’s room for a few scenes of Tyrion and Jorah co-starring in the most depressing buddy comedy ever.

But where does that leave fan favorite Penny, a dwarf girl whom Tyrion meets in his travels? (She was also one of the dwarves who performed at Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding. Oh, and she wants to have sex with Tyrion, who—according to fan theories—may or may not be her father. Game of Thrones, man.) Like Arianne Martell, there’s been nary a whisper of her being cast, so I’m guessing she won’t be.

I understand the need to simplify A Song of Ice and Fire‘s frankly hellaciously complicated narrative for a different medium, but that leads us to the elephant in the room: the show catching up with the books. Fannish consensus generally regards Daenerys’ ADwD plotline as being boring as fuck, until this scene happens near the end. It sends her story in a brand new direction. A brand new direction that has like… one chapter so far. Seriously. We don’t know what happens after Tyrion and Daenerys finally meet, because it hasn’t happened in the books yet.

Tyrion’s in Meereen. Jaime’s in Dorne. Lady Stoneheart is MIA. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I kind of like not knowing what’s going on. The books are the books. The show is the show. Chop away, HBO. We’ll always have Strong Belwas in our hearts.

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