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Peter Dinklage Explains Game of Thrones in Under 45 Seconds

He left out the dragons, but we'll forgive him.

Haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet? That’s okay, at least its not you job to interview Peter Dinklage for MTV News. Of course, we’re pretty sure the whole “I’ve never seen the show fill me in!” is all a ruse to get Dinklage to describe the complicated series in less than a minute, but he pulls it off with an Eddie Izzard-eqsue flair.

Actually?… wait. Eddie Izzard on Game of Thrones is an incredible idea and I am going to begin petitioning for it immediately. Who do you think he’d be able to play? Maybe a Braavosi Faceless Man, or something?

(via Blame It On The Voices)

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