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Here Are Some SNES Cartridge Soaps in Case You Need Extra Incentive to Shower

These are definitely an elaborate trap to get nerds to bathe, and it's working.

Video games and water don’t mix, which has long meant that you had to choose between your games and activities like showering. Now, with the SNES Gamer Cartridge Soap, you can enjoy a shower and the feeling of rubbing your favorite classic game all over your body at the same time. You already did those things separately, right? Stop looking at us like that.

They’ve also got GameBoy cartridge soaps for smaller jobs like your hands. Or maybe they’re for babies. Or maybe you’re just really clean and only need a little soap. We don’t know. Anyway, you can get yourself a big ol’ mildly expensive SNES one for $21, which is probably more money than common used SNES cartridges, but those won’t leave you smelling quite so nice.

The GameBoy ones are a little cheaper at $11, but we’re sad to note that they won’t be available until 2014, so we’ll have to look for other stocking stuffers. We will also be sad every time we shower until ours arrive.


Ugh. They hit us right in the childhood. We’ll take every single one.

(via Geekologie, images via FIREBOX)

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