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Control Video Games With Your Butt and Mouth Because Valve Says You Can Now

At least your butt will finally have a chance to prove you're not a lazy-ass, right?

Valve has produced a lot of important innovations in the gaming industry. They also built a gamepad you control with your butt. They’re calling it a “posture-based game controller,” but come on. That’s a butt joystick, and you know it, Valve.

The butt joystick was designed by Ben Krasnow, an engineer at Valve who thinks your butt is lazy and more of your body parts should get involved in controlling games. He also built a controller for your tongue out of the innards of a standard optical mouse, and it looks kind of like a nightmare a child would have about getting a retainer.

Neither of the control mechanisms is in a state to be used in a practical situation just yet, but surprisingly, the butt joystick seems to be coming along faster. Pretty soon, your butt is going to be trash talking your mouth about how it’s a better gamer.

Krasnow thinks that both of these control methods have future potential for games and situations where you would want your hands free to interact with your environment in different ways. That’s probably why he tried not to name them “butt joystick” and “nightmare retainer.”

(via Business Insider, image via Ben Krasnow on YouTube)

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