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Just Wonder Woman Hanging Out With Deadpool and Man of Steel‘s Faora, NBD

That or else Gadot and Traue have a really weird growth.

gal gadot fb

Gal Gadot posted the above picture to her Facebook page with a caption explaining it’s her, her friend Antje Traue, and Ryan Reynolds hanging out on the set of the upcoming crime drama Criminal, in which she and Reynolds co-star. But I prefer to believe this is Wonder Woman, Faora, and Deadpool stopping for a stretch break on a road trip they all took together to get away from bad directors.

Sure, Wondy and Faora are technically enemies, but there’s nothing that can bring people quite together like kvetching. “I just really wanted to get my own movie first, y’know? Why am I playing third fiddle to these bozos? They’d better not screw up my story arc.”Cue the Merc With a Mouth gesticulating wildly in the background with his sewn-up face.

(thanks to tipster Adrian)

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