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The Mary Sue and Dolby Atmos Mad Max: Fury Road Blu-ray Giveaway!

That's a (shiny and chrome) mouthful.


Mary Suevians, have we got a giveaway for you! We’ve got three copies of the Mad Max: Fury Road blu-ray to hand out to lucky winners thanks to Dolby Atmos!

Yes, you can get your very own copy of the film recently dubbed the best movie of the year when the year isn’t even close to finished yet. That is, you can get your very own second copy of it, because we assume you all ran out and bought it yesterday and that the number of times you’ve watched it exactly matches the number of hours since your purchase divided by the movie’s run time. (We assume we’re not alone on that one.)


But you might not have known that you can still watch the film with an enhanced sound experience through the Dolby Atmos sound setting—even if your home theater doesn’t match the recommended specs for the best possible experience. If you want to win your own copy to check it out and see what the home viewing experience is like for yourself, just:

  • Follow us on Twitter. (Otherwise we can’t contact you to say you won!)
  • Tweet this, and only this, in its entirety and with no alterations:

#RidetoValhalla with me in @TheMarySue and #DolbyAtmos #MadMaxFuryRoad Blu-ray giveaway!

We’ll be awaiting you in Valhalla!

Dolby Atmos delivers moving audio—sound that can be precisely placed and moved anywhere in three-dimensional space, including overhead. It brings entertainment alive all around the audience in a powerfully immersive and emotive experience. People can enjoy Dolby Atmos in the cinema, in their home theaters, and on mobile devices.

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