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10 ‘Bluey’ Episodes Sure To Make You Spit Milk Out of Your Nose

Bluey, the Australian children’s show about a lovable young blue heeler, is wholesome, sweet, tender, and sometimes devastatingly sad. It’s also really, really funny.

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Want to get into Bluey by skipping straight to the funniest episodes? Already a fan, and want to see how your faves stack up against the opinions of the internet? Look no further! Here are the ten funniest Bluey episodes, ranked.

10. “Tickle Crabs” (season 2, episode 20)

Bluey and Bingo make cute-looking faces.

The premise of “Tickle Crabs” is so absurd and hilarious that I had to include it on this list. Bluey and Bingo declare that they want to play a game. The moment their parents learn which game it is, Chilli runs for her life.

And that game? It’s Tickle Crabs—i.e., a tickle crab infestation you bring home from the beach, except the crabs tickle you nonstop. What parent wouldn’t want to play this game with two rambunctious kids? This episode gets bonus points for the subplot with Chilli and a doll with gum stuck in its hair.

9. “Fancy Restaurant” (season 2, episode 17)

Bandit and Chilli sit at a table, staring in dismay at a disgusting mix of jello and pasta. Bluey stands next to them, smiling.

In “Fancy Restaurant,” Bluey and Bingo want to see their parents smoochy kiss, so they pretend they’re running an upscale restaurant. Bandit’s fake name and Bluey’s idea of romantic music are great, but this episode goes to the next level when the kids bring out the “special,” which they demand their parents actually eat. This was the episode that convinced me that Bandit and Chilli are not meant to be role models for real parents.

8. “The Show” (season 2, episode 19)

Bluey grins at Bingo, who's wearing a green shirt with a balloon underneath it.

“The Show” has a reputation for being one of Bluey‘s biggest tearjerker episodes. And with good reason! In a deft bit of visual storytelling, the episode reveals that Chilli once had a miscarriage. It’s a beautiful, sensitive portrayal of grief and loss.

However, that moment is embedded in one of the most raucously funny Bluey episodes ever. In “The Show,” Bluey and Bingo decide to put on a Mother’s Day play about how their parents met. Two little kids imitating their mom and dad? Comic gold.

7. “Stories” (season 3, episode 28)

Indy grins and holds up a clay horse that looks like a cow.

In “Stories,” Bluey’s classmate Indy gets frustrated when the clay horse that she made looks like a cow. At first, Indy decides to give up being an artist forever, but her teacher Calypso convinces her to tell a new story about herself. In the new story, Indy decides to figure out how to make her horse look the way she wants it.

Overall, this episode is charming, but where it gets really funny is in the antics of Indy’s friend Winton, who decides to help out by putting his own spin on Indy’s new story. Oh, and there’s an amazing Lin Manuel Miranda cameo.

6. “Granny Mobile” (season 3, episode 33)

Muffin is the best grouchy granny on Bluey.
(image: Disney+)

Bluey and Bingo’s alter egos, known collectively as the Grannies, are so funny that it’s hard to pick just one episode. However, the funniest episode featuring the Grannies has to be “Granny Mobile.”

In “Granny Mobile,” the Heelers’ next door neighbor is holding a garage sale, and one of the items up for sale is a motorized scooter. This episode features two amazing new additions to the Granny roster: Bluey and Bingo’s cousin Muffin, who makes a natural grouchy grandma, and a real live granny who happens to be an ornery pug. Put them together, and you get the best Granny Smackdown ever.

5. “Ice Cream” (season 2, episode 47)

Bluey and Bingo sit on a park bench, eating ice cream.

In “Ice Cream,” Bluey and Bingo see that their cousin Muffin has gotten an ice cream cone, and they want some. It’s pretty much impossible to stand up to one kid who’s got their iron will set on ice cream, let alone two kids, so Bandit relents.

But there’s immediately a problem: Bluey and Bingo have gotten two different flavors, and now they each want a lick of the other’s cone. The licks can’t just be willy-nilly, though. They have to be exactly the same size, so that each girl gets exactly the same amount. What follows is a dreamlike pas de deux as Bluey and Bingo each try to calibrate the other one’s tongue to the exact right size while their ice cream slowly melts.

4. “Unicorse” (season 3, episode 8)

Chilli and Bluey read a book on the couch, while Unicorse and a bear puppet in a suit stand behind them.

Oh, Unicorse.

Unicorse makes a couple of appearances in Bluey, and it’s hard to choose the best between them. However, his inaugural appearance on the show is so off the wall that it has to get a spot on this list. It’s past Bluey’s bedtime, but she’s not tired. Chilli picks out the most boring story she can find to try and lull Bluey to sleep, but then Bandit has an idea of his own: a wild, obnoxious puppet who blurts out the end of the story, smacks his lips, and then tries to file a frivolous lawsuit against them. You get the feeling Bandit’s working out some issues through this thing.

3. “Faceytalk” (season 3, episode 24)

Bluey, Bingo, and Muffin stare at the screen with lines drawn around their faces.

Notice how often Muffin is on this list? I didn’t, until I looked at all the entries I’d compiled. Wherever Muffin goes, chaos follows, so it makes sense that she’s the source of so much of the show’s comedy.

In “Faceytalk,” Bandit and his brother Stripe set up a FaceTime call for their kids. The kids love using the drawing tool to make silly hats and things, but trouble erupts when there isn’t enough room on the screen for everyone to do it at once. Suffice it to say that by the end of the episode, Muffin has upended her entire household in her quest to get the Faceytalk session all to herself. The pool is involved and everything. It’s great.

2. “Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound” (season 1, episode 32)

Bandit holds a fishing rod with a star hanging from it, which Bluey is trying to catch. They're both wearing purple briefs.

In “Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound,” Bingo is in the hospital! Poor baby! Never fear, though—her family has put together a parable about getting sick and feeling better. In this episode, you get to see Bandit, the Heelers’ neighbor Pat, and the other grownups try their paws at shooting a movie. Don’t worry, the purple underwear gets explained by the end.

1. “Dad Baby” (season 2, episode 13)

Bandit pretends to give birth to Bingo in a wading pool, wearing a baby carrier. Bluey and Lucky's dad look on.

“Dad Baby” is so hilarious that it was banned in the United States. Apparently, people were laughing themselves to death.

Okay, that’s a lie. “Dad Baby” wasn’t included in the Bluey episodes on Disney+ because—according to the going theory—it depicts a man getting pregnant. However, it was eventually released on the Bluey YouTube channel, so Americans can circumvent Disney to watch it.

Anyway, Bandit puts on the girls’ old baby carrier and pretends to be pregnant. The baby steals his food! Chilli whacks him with a rolled-up magazine! Pat helps him give birth! It’s fantastic. Quality entertainment.

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